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Cakes: Styles and Themes

The number one question we get asked on a regular basis is "How much is a cake?" 

That's an easy question to answer when you are referring to a round or square filled or basic cake. When you are asking about a 5 tier, multi-flavour, fondant- covered masterpiece with life-like modelled figurines then the answer is not quite so straight forward!

You can view a list of our basic cake flavours and prices under the cake flavours menu. These are for basic decorated cakes and show options for written plaques, cake toppers and candles. Below we have outlined options for customised cakes:


While the size of themed cakes will be determined by the number of guests, the price will be determined by the number of hours we will be spend on it.

Theme cake prices start from $150 and 3D cakes start from $250.


These are layered cakes that have no icing of any kind on the outside and make a feature of the layers and the filling. This style of presentation does not suit all types of cakes so please ask us for some recommendations.

Single tiers start at 


This refers to a style of layer cake where the cake has a scraping of cream or buttercream around the outside but the layers are still visible. They are a more rustic style of cake and are usually finished with fresh flowers or fruit.

We can make these in standard (4 inch) or tall tiers (6-8 inch).

In this style, single tiers start at $80 and multi tiers from $220.

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